Thursday, May 17, 2007

Local foods in May

Our May get-together was a lot of fun. We decided to focus on cooking locally grown foods -- its very popular to do this now, and we are nothing if not trendy! I liked getting the opportunity to go to the market the weekend before, on a beautiful Saturday, and picking out spuds for my gnocchi attempt. There were people everywhere, attacking the local farmers for the best wares before the best produce got picked through. It was nice to see! Local foods do attack your wallet back though. :)

Monday evening came and I had yet to start my gnocchi. The ones that survived the boiling, ricing, rolling and re-boiling process came out ok, enough for a slightly amusing buse, but I have to say the other ladies' foods were more the highlight. We had a chickpea crepe with tofu and broccoli rabe, a basil risotto stuffed tomato, and a rhubarb crisp for dessert. Add is some local wine and local sunset and of course good company, and it makes for a fine evening. As the host, I was blessed with the leftovers and I had to admit that I had a crepe and stuffed tomato for lunch the next day....and a crepe and stuffed tomato for dinner the next night too! Yum yum!!


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